Summer Lovin’: Ice Cream Shops in the Greater Philadelphia Area and Suburbs!

This hot July weather is only kept in check by seeking out ice cream at every possible opportunity! Whether that means you have to pop out on your lunch break or make a scheduled trip to get your favorite double scoop, don’t forget to sample more than your local Dairy Queen.  There are some truly delightful ice […]

Real Wedding: Christine & Sid Get Married Outside on a Helicopter Pad

Just a couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Christine and Sid here at the ACE Conference Center.  A sweet couple that met at a mutual friend’s party and fell in love instantly.  (read more about the couple here). Although traditional in nature, Christine and Sid’s wedding ceremony took place […]

Real Wedding: Thanks to Their Friend Christie, Sid and Christine Met, Fell in Love and Got Married

Just goes to show you, even when it comes to love it might be based on “who you know.” Take Christine and Sid, who both just happened to know Christie.  Just not each other.  At least, not until their all-powerful friend Christie introduced them. Christie was throwing a going away party at her Maryland home for her co-worker, Sid, […]

We’re Growing Mint in the ACE Chef’s Garden

Thanks to the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, our Chef’s Garden is filled with fragrant mint!  Just brushing up against the dark green leaves is enough to bring your temperature down to candy cane levels of freshness.  Our chefs live to use different kinds of mint in everything and anything from chilled summer soups to steamed […]

Our Favorite Philadelphia-Area Summer Activities for the Month of June

What to Do, What to Do, What to Do? The Greater Philadelphia area is busting at the seams with all kinds of summer activities to be enjoyed!  There’s truly something for everyone.  Here are some of our favorites to consider this month: June 13th-June 30th, The History of Valley Forge Trolley Tour, Valley Forge National […]

Celebrate with British Afternoon Tea for Your Next Party, Meeting or Special Event

What finer way to recognize Kate and William’s Royal Wedding and the Obamas’ recent visit to Britain, than to put on a traditional British Afternoon Tea for a group of local attorneys meeting at the ACE Conference Center!? Although a favorite, many Americans don’t know that the tradition of Afternoon Tea was created in the 1840’s […]

Does Every Bride and Groom have their own Wedding Website?

Oh, the times they are a changin’!  Today’s savvy brides and grooms are sharing their love stories and communicating their wedding details on their very own wedding websites!  There are several wedding website companies available online that allow users to design their site for free or for a reasonable fee.  Most of these online resources allow couples to customize domain names, backgrounds, layouts and […]

Do You Know How to Pack Your Business Suit?

Regular conference warriors and meeting attendees have all been there at one time or another.  We’ve all arrived at our hosting hotel with just enough time to quickly don our suits before heading out to the first dinner listed on the busy conference schedule. As we unzip our trusty carry-on, we see, yet again, that […]