Fling into Spring with Five Ways to Use Outdoor Space

  Spring is here, and at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, that means it’s time to start spending as much time outside on our beautiful property as possible. Of course, that goes for our guests as well, so here are our five favorite ways to take advantage of our gorgeous outdoor space. Move the party […]

Easy Exercises to Beat Conference Restlessness

  As educational, exciting and transformative as major conferences or events can be, they often involve long hours and lots of time spent sitting down. Because of that, it can be difficult to make time for physical activity. However, since we’ve hosted our fair share of events here at the Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, […]

Team Building Done Right: An Interview with The Fun Dept.

  Here at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, we host our fair share of business events, whether they involve colleagues who have known each other for ages or long-distance employees who are meeting face-to-face for the first time. In either case, even though there’s usually plenty of work to be done, there’s always time for […]

Four Ways to Make (and Keep!) Everlasting Event Memories

If you’re hosting or thinking about planning an event at the Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, chances are you want it to be memorable. The Chubb Hotel experience is memorable in and of itself, but we have some ideas about how to create and preserve special moments from your big event that are as unique […]

5 Attractions You Better Not Miss in Montgomery County

  At Chubb Hotel, we work hard to give our guests everything they need to have a wonderful stay. From the high-end décor to the delightful cuisine, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center has it all. We want your time with us to be memorable and that includes visiting these nearby, wonderful attractions. Here are five […]

Front and Center: An Interview with Chubb Hotel’s Front Desk Attendant

Whether guests come to Chubb Hotel for a conference or wedding or anything in between, our employees always make a concerted effort to provide guests with top-notch, friendly service. A big part of that comes from the work of our front desk attendants who could easily be considered our unsung heroes. Not just the first […]

A Field Guide to Team Building

  “Team building” is a bit of a loaded phrase when most people hear it. In concept, team-building activities are a great way to improve communication, efficiency and morale within a company and address interpersonal issues in a casual environment. After all, a team that works well together is ultimately happier and more productive—a win-win […]

Holiday Parties: A Cheat Sheet

Many mixed emotions come from the arrival of this season: from holiday merriment to the stress of wrapping up final projects to the enthusiasm that comes with traveling and seeing extended family. Company holiday parties are another event that make the season buzz. So what should you expect? For most people company holiday parties are […]

Winter Wonderful: Winter Décor Ideas

  Despite the colder weather and potential travel delays, winter is still a busy season for event planners. There’s definitely an uptick in holiday parties, plus the steady stream of weddings, other meetings and social events. But that doesn’t mean the best event planners simply prepare for the worst when it comes to winter. They […]

Nothing Like the Great Outdoors!

The warmth of the summer may have passed, but there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors. And there’s no better place to enjoy ‘light-jacket’ weather than with ACE. How do we make our guests feel at home and ready for the crisp, autumn weather? These are our pro tips to leaving guests cozy and comfortable […]