Front and Center: An Interview with Chubb Hotel’s Front Desk Attendant

Whether guests come to Chubb Hotel for a conference or wedding or anything in between, our employees always make a concerted effort to provide guests with top-notch, friendly service. A big part of that comes from the work of our front desk attendants who could easily be considered our unsung heroes. Not just the first [...]

A Field Guide to Team Building

  “Team building” is a bit of a loaded phrase when most people hear it. In concept, team-building activities are a great way to improve communication, efficiency and morale within a company and address interpersonal issues in a casual environment. After all, a team that works well together is ultimately happier and more productive—a win-win [...]

Holiday Parties: A Cheat Sheet

Many mixed emotions come from the arrival of this season: from holiday merriment to the stress of wrapping up final projects to the enthusiasm that comes with traveling and seeing extended family. Company holiday parties are another event that make the season buzz. So what should you expect? For most people company holiday parties are [...]

Winter Wonderful: Winter Décor Ideas

  Despite the colder weather and potential travel delays, winter is still a busy season for event planners. There’s definitely an uptick in holiday parties, plus the steady stream of weddings, other meetings and social events. But that doesn’t mean the best event planners simply prepare for the worst when it comes to winter. They [...]

Nothing Like the Great Outdoors!

The warmth of the summer may have passed, but there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors. And there’s no better place to enjoy ‘light-jacket’ weather than with ACE. How do we make our guests feel at home and ready for the crisp, autumn weather? These are our pro tips to leaving guests cozy and comfortable [...]

Moves Like Swagger: 6 Swags Ideas to Get You Noticed

Swag bags. After a long day at a conference or social gathering, receiving free swag is now considered the norm, both as a form of promotion and expressing gratitude. However, not all swag is created equal. Everyone likes free stuff, but when the giveaways are an afterthought, you’re not just disappointing your guests, but you’re [...]

Dress to Impress: A Guide to Dress Codes

Oh, dress codes. It’s important to dress to impress in the workplace and at meetings, whether the setting is formal, casual, business, or cocktail attire. Looking sharp sends a message to coworkers, potential networking contacts and business partners that you’re distinguished and confident. Plus, when you look good, you feel good. However, some dress codes [...]

5 Perfect Presenters: Types of Speakers We Should All Strive to Be

Presenters come in all shapes and sizes, and with that, each brings a different presentation style to the table. They may be loud, emotional, insightful, or logical, but each has its pros and cons. Their personal flair packs a punch at any event.  So whether you need to nail that proposal presentation or bring the [...]

Wedding Advice for Grooms, From Grooms

Weddings can be daunting for just about everyone involved, especially for the ones getting married. Brides spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest and even longer making actual purchases for the big day. They painstakingly search for the perfect dress, the right shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, invitations, entertainment, ice sculpture, giant chocolate fountain, the groom… [...]

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Playlist

With wedding season upon us, couples everywhere are putting the final touches on their special day. Once the dress is fitted and the cake has been taste-tested, it’s time to plan the evening’s music. A couple should curate a playlist that speaks to their guests and reflects their past, present and future together. But with [...]