5 Perfect Presenters: Types of Speakers We Should All Strive to Be

Presenters come in all shapes and sizes, and with that, each brings a different presentation style to the table. They may be loud, emotional, insightful, or logical, but each has its pros and cons. Their personal flair packs a punch at any event.  So whether you need to nail that proposal presentation or bring the [...]

Wedding Advice for Grooms, From Grooms

Weddings can be daunting for just about everyone involved, especially for the ones getting married. Brides spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest and even longer making actual purchases for the big day. They painstakingly search for the perfect dress, the right shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, invitations, entertainment, ice sculpture, giant chocolate fountain, the groom… [...]

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Playlist

With wedding season upon us, couples everywhere are putting the final touches on their special day. Once the dress is fitted and the cake has been taste-tested, it’s time to plan the evening’s music. A couple should curate a playlist that speaks to their guests and reflects their past, present and future together. But with [...]

There’s an App for That: Meeting Help!

  Scheduling times for a meeting can feel like an endless game of cat and mouse, not to mention organizing an agenda that everyone can agree on. If countless chain e-mails and office chase-downs have you singing the meeting blues, give these organization-friendly apps a try. 1) Doodle Doodle provides you with a simple scheduling [...]

Avoid The Mid-Meeting Nod Off With These 5 Snacks:

Hard work pays off, but it also drains you. The tricky part? Most of us don’t have time to succumb to our exhaustion. If you find yourself nodding off at your desk, or throwing back three cups of coffee before a meeting, consider giving these 5 snacks a taste. They’ll give you that energy boost [...]

5 Hacks to Ensure Your Meeting Can’t Go Wrong

Meetings are a good marker of workplace culture, and their negative stereotypes are the products of bad meetings, unfortunately. You know, the meetings where you count each individual “tick-tock” until it’s your turn to speak. Meetings can be a very effective means of communication, however, and a few simple tips can turn thumb twiddling into [...]

Boost Your Thinking With These Brain Foods

We’ve all heard the term “brain food” before, but what does it actually mean? Countless scientific research shows that certain foods can, indeed, improve brain function. Whether this means slowing down cognitive decline or improving focus, these five foods will help you eat smarter. Berries Aside from the more obvious health benefits that these fruits [...]

Planning a Mitzvah? Plan to attend MITZVAH PALOOZA on March 2nd

Meet with area event professionals and preview the newst in Entertainment, Interactive Games, Event Design, Event Lighting, Photography, Videography and sample menu’s provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering.  Register now by clicking on this link:  http://www.ebetalent.com/djexpo/

A Progressive Dinner Reception for a Birthday Celebration

Recently we had the opportunity to host a birthday event for a client, partnering with event planners from Arrangements Unlimited.  What started out during the planning as a casual event turned in to a food extravaganza.  Utilizing the talents from our Wolfgang Puck Catering team we developed a menu that includes a variety of individual reception [...]

Got Collaboration?

 Our REIMAGINED meeting spaces now include 21 Collaboration Studio’s offering a choice of five different settings that have been designed to foster collaboration, creativity and the sharing of ideas.  These comfortable rooms include lounge furnishings, soft benches and ottomans, high cafe tables with bar stools, a traditional conference setting and unique seating options.  The studios [...]