Mitzvahs: Games & Activities to Keep Kids Entertained at the Party

We’ve found one of the most important things to remember when planning a child’s celebration is to make sure it reflects the child’s personality, hobbies or the theme of the event.  That includes the activities and games that are carefully chosen to entertain the honoree and his or her friends for the length of the party.  For the events with 75-100 children, that’s no easy feat!  For instance, a child interested in hip hop music may want to incorporate street break dancers, airbrushed graffiti t-shirts and “bling your own” cellphones into the party design.  Or, for a child interested in winter sports, perhaps a virtual reality skiing simulator, make your own snow cones, snowboarding digital photos and embroidered fleece hats are chosen.  Once the child has a particular theme or an environment in mind, it’s realitively easy to find activities, games, favors and performers to flesh out the concept.

[Photo:  Airgraphics Entertainment]

Generally, we suggest at least two but up to five different games or activities for the kids “cocktail hour” to keep the children fully engaged and entertained before the dance party begins.  The number of activities varies depending on the style of the activity, the number of children attending and the other entertainment planned.  We also suggest choosing to offer games and activities for the entire party.  Not all children are dancers; hence, why party deejays also incorporate dance floor group games and party activities into the whole evening.  Other entertainers may not want any distraction away from the dance floor after the kids come into the ballroom.  The deejay, band or emcee for the party will work on a party timeline to determine the best scenario for the party, which may or may not include times to open and close the activities throughout the evening to avoid an empty dance floor.

At the ACE Conference Center we’ve worked with countless companies, performers and entertainers who provide a wide range of activities to suit every event.  Some of our recent favorite games and activities for bar and bat mitzvahs include:

  • Funky Heads:  Remember the good ‘ole Dance Heads?  Well take it up a notch to Funky Heads!  Kids get to star in a music video without having to sing or dance!  They sit and bop they’re heads to a funky 70’s song that they select which gets superimposed onto the bodies of professional dancers against an animated background.
  • Nascar Racing:  This giant 20’ x 25’ track and lifelike driving experience is loved by both girls and boys.  Players stand behind steering wheel consoles and operate radio-controlled race cars on a miniature track.
  • Photo Booths:  There are many versions available of the old-fashioned photo booth that you remember from the boardwalk.  Since they don’t require a large space they’re perfect to tuck into the corner of the ballroom for hours of fun!  Guests sit and pose for their four picture black & white or full-color strips. Some even print in duplicate so the host can get a copy of the photo strip as a keepsake.
  • Air-Brushed Graffiti T-Shirts:  Each child gets their name or a fun design airbrush painted by an airbrush artist onto a t-shirt.  Plain white tees or tanks are readily available but hats, towels, boxers and a wholla other options can be had.  [Photo of supercool airbrush artistry above provided by Airgraphics Entertainment]
  • Vintage T-Shirt Pillows:  For the crafty, take home favor activity, pillows are made using classic or vintage t-shirts!  During the party the t-shirts are cut and sewn into a trendy pillow for take home.

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