Celebrate with British Afternoon Tea for Your Next Party, Meeting or Special Event

What finer way to recognize Kate and William’s Royal Wedding and the Obamas’ recent visit to Britain, than to put on a traditional British Afternoon Tea for a group of local attorneys meeting at the ACE Conference Center!?

Although a favorite, many Americans don’t know that the tradition of Afternoon Tea was created in the 1840’s by Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and bosom friend of the young Queen Victoria. The British aristocracy in those days would go hunting in the morning, then eat a hearty breakfast and then wait until
8:00pm to enjoy a multi-course formal dinner. The Duchess ordered hot tea, small sandwiches and little cakes to stave off her “sinking feeling” in the middle of the afternoon. Before long, her friends were joining her in what became a delightful, social event enjoyed around a low table on couches in the ladies’ sitting rooms across England. Quickly becoming a favorite social break in an otherwise quiet afternoon, the gentlemen started joining in as well.

Afternoon Tea (or low tea) is not to be confused with High Tea, which is a hearty meal served at about 6:00pm consisting of hot tea, crusty breads, meats and other savory pies, maybe sausages, eggs, potatoes and big cakes. This meal was originally enjoyed by laborers, miners and farm workers at the end of their work day.
Living in the damp meant these hardworking men would rush home after their day and eat their meal standing up resting their plates on the mantel piece in front of the fire to get warm. Hence the term “High Tea.”

Our Afternoon Tea service includes all the expected savories and sweets from mini cucumber, salmon and watercress sandwiches, to homemade scones, clotted cream, fresh fruit and pastries. Generally a light meal that is interactive and casual, many of our bridal and baby showers enjoy Afternoon Tea as do local ladies clubs and larger corporate groups. For more information on our Afternoon Tea please contact our catering department at 800-523-8000.

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