Learn How to Make our Homemade Mustard Tomato Pizzas! (yes, MUSTARD)

Making pizzas at home shouldn’t intimidate the at-home chef.  In fact, they’re one of the easiest dishes to make and certainly one of the most beloved.  The trick is in the crust.  There’s got to be a crispy crunchy outer crust and a slightly doughy pull away to the bread. From there, it’s as simple as a tangy tomato sauce, some fabulous mozzarella cheese and some whole-grain brown mustard.  Of course, once you’ve mastered making the pizza crust it’s up to you to play with the toppings to find your favorite combinations.  American pizzas tend to throw everything on a pizza at once!  And if you prefer the Supreme pizza concept, then by all means, pile on the meats, vegetables and cheeses to your heart’s content!  The more the merrier!  At Wolfgang Puck Catering, we tend to favor keeping the pizza toppings to a minimum to allow the flavors of the ingredients to shine.  In this recipe, we want the sweet tangy tomato sauce to marry with the sharp spice of the mustard for that perfectly unexpected taste we’ve come to be known for.   Enjoy!

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