Signature Cocktails for Weddings & Events

What’s a cocktail party without a signature cocktail? Although the concept of a personalized beverage or cocktail isn’t a new one in the world of events, it’s still a fun way to add a personal “splash” to the party scene. Personalized or “branded” cocktails can be served as guests arrive or throughout the event in a manner that incorporated the party color, theme or location.  For instance, for an April wedding where flowering cherry branches are used as centerpieces a pink signature cocktail called a “Love Blossom” may be passed on pretty silver trays.  Or, for a tropical themed anniversary party, displays of Tequila Sunrise’s are displayed on the corners of the bar and named a “Forever Honeymoon.”

Certainly, some enthusiastic brides and grooms embrace the signature drink concept with gusto; putting various concoctions together in the hopes that one magical elixir will spring forth with their own unique twist.  However, before you don your chemistry aprons or head out to the bar to sample recipes, think about what you would want to drink at your own event.  Do you prefer martinis?  Champagne Cocktails?   Wine?   What would you be tempted to drink if you saw it coming your way on an elegant tray?   The answer might surprise you!   For many guests, they reach for a martini or champagne glass if the color itself if pleasing to the eye.  Red, pink and pale orange drinks are welcoming.  Other get excited when a simple glass of champagne is handed to them.  When in doubt, go with what you know.  Rather than deciding on a complicated, new recipe with a thousand different ingredients, you might want to consider classic cocktails you, and many others, already enjoy and are sure to identify as it passes.  Such as a pale pink Cosmopolitan Martini or a vibrant Mango Mojito.  You can serve something that is a family favorite and simply call it what it is, like a Manhattan, a Side Car or White Russian.  Or, you can put our own playful name on it and VOILA!  It’s your own, personalized signature beverage!  Corny for some, never-ending fun for others.

Of course, for those of you who enjoy something new, original and a tad adventurous, there are many intriguing new mixes to tempt you!  Our in-house mixologists are always coming up with delicious seasonal beverages that not only look good but taste sensational!  Here are some of our favorite specialty cocktails for Spring, CHEERS!

The ”Red Cloud” is a sophisticated but simple martini using vodka, pomegranate juice, fresh lime juice, honey syrup and a orange twist.  Served in a standard martini glass it’s a sure thing for everyone AND an easy pour for the bartenders.

A “Spring Fling” is made with spiced rum, fresh ginger syrup, tonic water and fresh whole raspberries.  We prefer to serve it in a rocks glass or small snifter, but it could be served in a highball piled high with ice on a hot day.  Light and refreshing with a bit of effervesence, it’s a popular drink with the ladies.

{Photos:  Evantine Design, Melissa Paul, Mallory Samson}


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