Business Travel is Making a Comeback

As the first quarter of 2011 comes to a close it’s clear that business travel is on its way back!  We’re happy to see hospitality numbers showing an increase in room sales and conference bookings for a second quarter in a row.  We’re certainly seeing an energetic level of business activity at ACE Conference Center, booking groups for day meetings and week long conferences.  In a technologically-saturated world where video conferencing has helped keep travel costs down, a return to face-to-face meetings is making all the difference in ensuring your company or sales pitch stands out from all the rest.  Those successful bookings mean more incentive travel to keep productive sales consultants motivated, educated and appreciated.  Still kept to a low-key level, corporate retreats are no longer forbidden as companies look to support their managers and invest in their employees.

One major difference our ACE Sales Consultants are seeing is that meeting planners and corporate executives are looking to spend their travel dollars wisely rather than jumping back into the “excessive” end of the pool.  With serious meetings being our focus, offering guaranteed pricing and no hidden fees, conference centers provide a solution to meeting planners in these uncertain times.  The reality is, the hospitality industry may never see that level of corporate travel again, or not for a few more years anyway.  Keeping to a more “reasonable” or downright “frugal” level of business travel is the smart way to keep ANY travel at all at play in the world of big business.  That may mean driving rather than flying; or spending fewer nights on the road; or staying at less expensive hotels; or eliminating all off-premise activities or curtaining those sightseeing adventures.  Some companies are even encouraging employees to make their travel plans in an “eco-smart” manner, including carpooling to regional destinations, taking the E-Train (“E” for economy), renting a hybrid car or selecting a conference center that has their own “Green Initiatives” in place.

Here at ACE, we’ve embraced today’s savvy business traveler with packages that include all meals, meeting space, breakout rooms, audio visual equipment, wifi access, parking and the support of a dedicated on-site planner. We help to keep business travelers focused and productive “on property.”

Smart corporate travel is just standard business practice at the ACE Conference Center.

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