Do You Know How to Pack Your Business Suit?

Regular conference warriors and meeting attendees have all been there at one time or another.  We’ve all arrived at our hosting hotel with just enough time to quickly don our suits before heading out to the first dinner listed on the busy conference schedule. As we unzip our trusty carry-on, we see, yet again, that our suit is a ball of wrinkles!

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are simple ways to avoid the wrinkles and creases. Our favorite suggestion is to simply purchase a carry-on suitcase that has a suit compartment already in place. This will allow you to hang the suit in a special compartment where the clips and hanger will ensure there is no wrinkling.  You can also invest in a garment bag; however, more and more business travelers find they have trouble carrying them through busy airports and/or storing the garment bags on “packed” business flights where very little garment bag space is offered.

If buying a new suitcase with a suit compartment is not going to happen anytime soon, we invite you to take a look at the following packing tips for standard carry-on rolling cases:

Tip #1:  Fill your carry-on suitcase with all the other clothing and items you will need before adding your suit to the top of the pile. It’s only when the carry-on is close to full that the suit should be added in order to keep the suit tightly packed.

Tip #2:  Before you add the suit, place it in a dry-cleaning plastic bag or sleeve.  For whatever reason, the plastic helps keep creases at bay.  (It also helps with dress shirts and you can usually store up to three shirts in one plastic sleeve.) Once you’ve got the suit in its plastic sleeve, lay it down across the top of the almost full suitcase.  The collar should be one inch below the hinge of the suitcase top. The arms of the suit should be folded neatly over the front of the suit.

Tip #3:  Place the trousers of the suit on top of the suit jacket. The waist line will be on the right side of the suitcase along the shoulder of the suit, with the legs of the trousers hanging over the opposite side of the suitcase.

Tip#4:  Fold the jacket bottom over the legs of the trousers toward the hinge of the suitcase.

Tip #5: Finally, fold the trouser legs toward the waist line of the trousers and over the suit jacket.

The packing is complete!  Hopefully, when you unpack at your hotel, you’ll be dressed and ready for business in a crease-free fashion.

{Photo:  Bespoke Suits, London}

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