Renovations Have Begun in Our Marquis Ballroom and Dining Room!

One of our most popular event spaces, the Marquis Ballroom and Dining Room, began the first exciting stages of its complete renovation this week!  Although we’ve hosted many fabulous weddings, meetings and celebrations in the Marquis over the years, it’s time for a little sprucing up!  First, the demolition of everything but the windows and ceiling!  All the current surfaces, such as the carpeting, draperies and flooring, were ripped out to make way for updated finishes and modern decor.  As teh week progresses, the catering and sales teams are excited to see the new tile flooring, modern coil drapery, chic foyer furnishings and modular buffet pieces come in one by one!  Once complete, the Marquis should be even more sought-after by wedding planners and event producers as a unique party space in the Philadelphia suburbs.  We’ll share photographs of the completed renovation soon, but by all means, we’d love to introduce you to the Marquis Ballroom and Dining Room in person at your earliest convenience!

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