New Art Collection Installed in the Lafayette Ballroom, Philadelphia’s Newest Party Space

We are excited about the art work that we recently had commissioned from world-renown artist, Cicero Silva for our new Lafayette Ballroom.

Throughout his professional career as a designer, Cicero Silva worked with the top companies in Brazil and South America to translate their ideas into beautiful and functional spaces. This coupled with the design, creation and construction of a variety of trade show booths and exhibits, developed in Cicero the concepts of proportion and accuracy, and kept him working at the forefront of design trends. During his more than three decades as a designer he was also exposed to and gained an appreciation for visual art, and took his first steps in the direction of being a visual artist himself by working in abstract painting. His experience and skill in working more physically with his hands eventually lead him to move away from painting and toward sculpture and three dimensional work, and this has been his medium for the past nine years. His inspiration often comes from historic constructivism, but Cicero has mostly found his own way to create a new kind of visual art, combining shapes, rhythms, textures and volumes. Today he works with painted wood and EVA modules, cubes, cylinders, cones, and other prismatic shapes, and he displays them on canvas or hardboard in deliberate order to form various patterns and designs.

Continuing the theme of our natural surroundings, we thought it essential to have art work developed specifically for our Lafayette Ballroom that expresses an organic style, while still embracing the natural wood and red brick elements of the space.  The following photos take you on a guided tour of the art work from the original rendering, to the artist’s creations and today’s installation. We invite you to stay tuned for the final unveiling of the art work after it is completely installed in our new ballroom.

philadelphia wedding facilities main line hotels art collections

The original rendering depicting the overall concept of three large artworks installed as a series.

Art installation in progress Cicero Silva Ace Conference Center Philadelphia event spaces

A work in progress, the pieces are assembled in smaller sections that are then attached together to create one larger 8 foot x 8 foot piece.  Each 8 foot piece is then to be installed on our large exposed brick wall in a series.

cicero silva artwork ace conference center philadelphia venues for weddings

A close-up of a section before the installation begins.

cicero silva artwork commissioned by ace conference center lafayette ballroom

Two sections of four have already been installed, with two more to go to complete the 8 foot section.

cicero silva artwork commissioned by ace conference center lafayette ballroom

Measuring the wall space before carefully installing the third and fourth sections.


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