Meet Our New Wedding Ceremony Settings – Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for Every Philadelphia Bride!

The place where your wedding ceremony will be held can also influence the style and type of ceremony you choose to plan.  Have you dreamt of a grand ballroom ceremony with a long dramatic candlelit entrance?  Or a casual outdoor ceremony with only wispy green trees and blue sky as the backdrop?  Certainly knowing that every ceremony needs a spiritual center and a visual focus, it’s important to look creatively at your wedding venue to determine the best options available for your wedding ceremony.

Over the years we’ve planned and orchestrated hundreds of wedding ceremonies here at the ACE Conference Center.  We find that where the ceremony takes place and how the ceremony is presented is crucial to your experience, not to mention how your family and friends witness your promises to each other.  The ceremony area where you will stand together to exchange vows and rings — whether it’s under a traditional Jewish Chuppah on a stage, in front of a fireplace, or in front of a floral-covered arch on a terrace — should be the focal point and yet still convey a sense of intimacy.  Don’t be afraid to seat guests up close to where you will stand or to turn and face your guests during the service.  Ultimately, you and your fiance are responsible for your wedding ritual and how it suits the surroundings you’ve chosen.

There are many ceremony settings available at the ACE Conference Center: in the Marquis Ballroom, the American Ballroom, the ACE Golf Club, or on the helipad overlooking the golf course.  But we’re EXCITED and proud to announce two additional wedding ceremony areas now available here at ACE!   The Lafayette Ballroom and the Lafayette Event Deck.  In fact, our event planning staff wanted to share these new amazing spaces with other event professionals as soon as possible!  This past Monday we invited local area wedding planners and event designers to a preview party to introduce them to our new fabulous ceremony areas.  Needless to say, they loved them and we heard many sensational ideas on how they would use the spaces for their clients.  We also featured our new catering services provided by Wolfgang Puck CateringArrangements Unlimited designed the ceremony settings for us; their black iron chuppah frame was set up on our stage in the Lafayette Ballroom for a more formal indoor set up and their natural birch chuppah was placed outside on our Lafayette Event Deck.  Both were stunning and incredibly inspirational!   We thank Party Rental Ltd., Bredenbecks Bakery, EventQuip, The Total Table, and The Papery of Philadelphia for partnering with us on the event and look forward to working on many events together!

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The high ceilings and warm exposed brick walls of the Lafayette Ballroom were formally dressed with ivory drapery in full “wedding” mode!  The Lafayette Ballroom comfortably seats 250 for a wedding ceremony.  As seen above, wedding ceremonies can be set up with a long wide aisle ideal for dramatic ceremony processionals!

Our new Outdoor Event Deck is a stunning location for an open-air or tented wedding ceremony for up to 500 guests!  Traditional auditorium-style seating works beautifully with the rolling green hills as your backdrop but a ceremony “in the round” is also possible on the Event Deck.  For many bridal couples, being surrounded by their family and friends is tremendously appealing for its intimate style of presentation.

As a ritual, the wedding ceremony is the only part of the wedding day where the engaged couple, together with their family and friends, are removed from the outside world both literally and figuratively.  Through the wording, traditions, music and symbols of the wedding ceremony the bride and groom can truly be transported out of their everyday world and into a magical place only they know.  We can’t wait to help you plan your wedding ceremony in our new ceremony settings!

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