Enjoy Those Beautiful Wedding Moments

Months, if not years, of careful organization go into planning a wedding. Yet, years ago wedding planning wasn’t as complicated as it is today.  Traditionally, mothers of the bride were the planners, making straightforward black and white decisions based on her taste, budget and social standing. The bride had relatively little to do with it!  But not anymore.  Modern day engaged couples are making decisions themselves or collaborating with their families on how the wedding is shaped and designed. 

Weddings aren’t cut-and-dry these days; they’re more detailed and complex than ever before!  From the moment their engagement is announced, a bride and groom’s normal everyday routine is overtaken with endless options requiring countless hours of research, evaluation and planning.  Lists beget more lists and so on. For many couples, by the time the wedding day actually arrives they’re so consumed with information and expectation that the emotion of the experience is overwhelming.  All those months of planning every noticeable detail just flies by in a blur!  So much so that it’s only after the wedding, when they watch their video, that they relive every moment of the day as it unfolded.  (a HUGE wonderful reason we love working with videographers and cinematographers).  But stepping back and remembering that’s it not about perfection is the healthy perspective to take.  Instead, allow the wedding day to be about that elusive ecstatic feeling of committing for life to the person you love, and having your closest family and friends there to share in that commitment.  No doubt, planning a wedding celebration can be exciting and enjoyable but infinitely stressful as well.  But the real trick is to coordinate without getting buried alive in the process. Particularly when there is much that will be out of your control.  It’s the reality of life. Things may or may not go wrong on the day itself: Grandpa Joe may go on-an-on (and on) with his blessing, the wedding cake may not have the right flowers on it, or the band may play a song that you had on your “do not play or die list”.  Whatever. Who cares? No one will notice goofs or slip-ups but you. Ask any of our Planners here at ACE or any independent wedding planners, and they’ll tell you that no matter how much you coordinate ahead of time SOMETHING will still go awry.  How could it not?  Humans are involved from start to finish and that includes YOU. On the morning of your wedding, take a deep breath, look around, appreciate your friends for traveling from afar and acknowledge the support your family has provided. Let the details zipping back and forth in your buzzing head just fade away.  Trust and believe that the professionals you’ve carefully secured carry the burden of making your dream vision come to life.  The rest is up to you.

All that matters is that the two of you are there and present in the moments that make up the day.  Moments where it’s just the two of you absolutely blissed out with joy: seeing each other for the first time in your wedding garb, grabbing hands as you recess down the aisle, or stealing away for a private kiss away from the crowd.   The wedding day is just the beginning of your marital journey. 

[Photo courtesy of Rebecca Barger]

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